Guest Speakers

Pastor Matai Bennett |
Pastor of Atomic Church

For 17 years Matai has Pastored the Kawerau Community Church.
The focus of the Church is the community of Kawerau, especially the youth where there has been effective work done by the Church to present a different lifestyle.
Most recently the church have experienced a revival where hundreds of young people gave their hearts to Jesus, to the point that the local ‘youth aid’ officer rang Matai to say he had run out of work and that the ongoing meetings at his church had changed the atmosphere of the community.

Anne Hamilton |

Anne Hamilton is a former Maths teacher and a multi-award winning author. She is also involved with Elijah House Ministry. Books she has recently wrote are “Dealing with Python” and “The Spirit of Forgetting” Her specialties are presentations on name covenants and threshold covenants.

Bradford Haami |
Māori Historian

Co-creator of anthology series Mataku, Bradford Haami is a producer, director and scriptwriter as well as an author, lecturer and Māori historian. His passion for storytelling and expertise in Māori culture has seen him work on television productions and act as a consultant to numerous local and international drama, documentary and features over the past two decades. 

Pastor Nancy Lolomana’ia | Pastor of Embassy Church Sydney

Pastor Nancy Lolomana’ia and her Husband Tavita Lolomana’ia Pastor the Embassy Church in Sydney, Australia. Ps Nancy has a Tongan background and has been preaching for three years with amazing works following her teachings in Sydney.

Pastor Desiree Winitana | Senior Pastor of Wairoa Rock Church |
Dynamic Preacher

Pastor Desiree is married to Waipatu Winitana and together they pastor the Wairoa Rock Church.
They have lead the Wairoa Rock Church for the last 8 years and keep a very busy life style. Helping people with their businesses, heavily involved in their community as well as raising their 8 children.
The vision for their church is to see young and old working together, raising up an army of worshipers and releasing and equipping people to be all who they are called to be.